Village Joys

By Stacey

Oh there are so many things that I love about our lives here in Cameroon. One such thing is never knowing quite what to expect when we walk out of our front door each day. As far as our daily routine, each day, Dave and I study the language with a language partner and then in the afternoons we try to go out into the neighborhood and practice what we learned. And we usually learn a lot more then just Bakoum in the process. For instance, the other day, we learned how to pull of the legs and wings of a grasshopper in order to fry them up and eat them with plantains:
The next day I was explaining to one of my friends how we sometimes eat tuna-salad in our house. She looked at me in horrible disgust…”Tuna…in a CAN…and with…PICKLES?!” Noting her reaction, I pointed out that the day before I saw a woman pulling the legs off a grasshopper to eat them for dinner. She responded in saying, “Oh yeah, of course, that’s normal…but YOU, look what you eat!” Guess it is all relative, huh?

Greatest joy: Getting to work side-by-side with Dave
Also being out in the village we get to meet the many babies that were recently born and also seem to have a cloud of little kids following us around (not including our own) helping us with our pronunciation. I personally have been really thankful. The months of sitting with ladies in what seemed like painful, awkward silence has become less painful and I dare may say that I may even have made a friend.
From here on out, we would love prayer that those in our village would continue to be willing to sit and listen to us butcher their language. And that they would really open themselves up to us freely as we also ask a lot of questions in order to learn about their culture.
And just for fun, we thought we would share a little video that we took at a local church we visited a couple weeks ago. They had the little kids all dance up front and when they came out in the audience to invite our kids up, all of our kids ran and hid, except for Elias who went up and cried. Our kids just do not know how to dance like this…


Author: Stacey Hare

Stacey is a servant of Jesus Christ as well as a wife, mom, linguist, and Bible translator among the Kwakum people of Cameroon.