Where are the Hares?

July 2023-July 2027 – Cameroon

We are in Cameroon right now. We live in Yaoundé, but are on a three-week rotation:

  • Week One: Dave in the village working with his drafting team (Mon-Fri)
  • Week Two: Stacey in the village working with her testing team (Mon-Fri)
  • Week Three: Dave and Stacey together in Yaoundé

This schedule allows us to be present with the kids while also regularly making progress in the village. Summer 2027 we will return for a few months to help Kaden and Makyra transition to college. Then, we will be in Cameroon again from Fall 2027 – Summer 2028. From Summer 2028 – Summer 2029 we will be in the US again. During this time we plan to help all four kids transition to life in the US. We will also visit churches and supporters. Summer ’29 we will be back in Cameroon, just the two of us.