We will keep an updated list of different opportunities here for serving overseas.

Opportunity in Spain (Sat Apr 9, 2022)

Interested in Muslim ministry?

There are opportunities on every continent! Check out the INN in North America, Trinidad and Tobago in Central America, ethnic minorities in London, the Hui in China or the Fulbe in Cameroon, Africa.


Opportunity in Spain (Thu Dec 30, 2021)

More opportunities for educators! ECA (Evangelical Christian Academy), a MK school in Madrid, Spain, is looking for teachers and a new director for the school.

Click here or contact Cesar.Palomino@WorldTeam.org.


Opportunity in the Philippines (Mon, Nov 16, 2021)

WT Philippines needs teachers & staff for Faith Academy, workers to join a new initiative to enter a Mslm unreached people group, and church planters to join a team in Naga City or among the urban poor in Manila. Email Tom at WT-Philippines.FD@WorldTeam.org for more info.


Opportunity in the Italy (Mon, Oct 25, 2021)

Want to minister to immigrants or students in the beautiful country of Italy? Here are some videos describing the opportunity: MILAN ITALY/US versionCanada versionAustralia version, or Global version, read the profile page, or contact Ron.Smith@worldteam.org for details.


Opportunity in the US (Mon, Oct 4, 2021)

Know someone who wants to minister to refugees? The INN is a ministry to refugee and diaspora communities in the USA. Check out the profile page and this 30-minute video highlighting the experiences of numerous INN teammates Contact Susan.Best@worldteam.org for more info.


Opportunity in the US (Mon, May 17, 2021)

World Team USA is looking to hire a new Midwest Mobilizer and Communications Specialist. You can view the job description here.


Opportunity in Cameroon (Mon, April 5, 2021)

WT Cameroon would like to form a team of church planters to begin ministry among the Pol people of eastern Cameroon.


Opportunity to Zoom with Team Philippines (Mon, Feb 15, 2021)

WT Philippines is hosting an online gathering via Zoom! Field Director, Tom and his wife Kristin, will share stories of how God is working in the Philippines through their team to transform communities and reach the unreached. Join this 45-minute session (Meeting ID: 839 7439 6002) on Tuesday, February 16 (tomorrow!) at 8 PM ET for stories, information, and prayer requests from our workers and their teams.


Opportunity in Brazil (Wed, Jan 13, 2021)

Out of the village and into the city! Church-planters are needed to reach out to Brazilian indigenous peoples who have migrated to the Amazonian city of Manaus. A wide variety of skills are needed including dental hygienists and car/boat mechanics! Click here to find out more.


Opportunity in Spain (Sat, Jan 2, 2021)

Feliz Navidad! Want to share the good news of Christmas in Spanish? WT Spain has a variety of opportunities – church-planting through youth or sports ministry, outreach to immigrants, teachers, administrators, mercy ministry and more. Find out more here.


Opportunity in South Asia (Mon, Dec 7, 2020)

What area of the world is home to more Muslims than the Middle East and North Africa combined? If you answered South Asia, you’re right! World Team is looking to expand further into South Asia. Click here for the profile sheet on South Asia and contact Pat.Hartsfield@worldteam.org for more information on this exciting new ministry opportunity.


Opportunity in Peru (Mon, Nov 2, 2020)

Did you know that up to 1% of Peru‘s population are Chinese Peruvian? World Team is seeking Chinese-speaking missionaries to work among the 400,000 Chinese Peruvians living in Lima. Click here for more information.


Opportunity in the Philippines (Mon, Oct 5, 2020)

WT Philippines needs pioneer church-planters, cell/house church-planters, and people to train and mentor Filipino missionary candidates. To learn more click HERE or email Tom.Buursma@worldteam.org.


Opportunity in Suriname (Wed, Sept 9, 2020)

WT Suriname needs workers to reach out to Hindustani and Tribal people groups. Click on these two profiles for details.


Opportunity in Philadelphia (Mon, June 22, 2020)

WT USA is hiring a Northeast Regional Mobilizer. We are looking for someone currently residing in the greater Philadelphia area with a strong desire to mobilize men and women to cross-cultural ministry through World Team. Please view and share the job description as found here.


Opportunity in Bangladesh (Thu, April 9, 2020)

World Team is opening a new field – in Bangladesh, among the Bengali Muslims! Click HERE for a profile sheet describing the opportunity or contact Pat.Hartsfield@worldteam.org for more information.


Opportunity in Cameroon (Mon, March 17, 2020)

Church planters are needed among the mostly Mslm Fulbe people of Cameroon. People with practical skills (health lessons, agriculture, small business, women’s/children’s ministry) are needed as well as those gifted in evangelism and discipleship. Read more here.


Opportunity in Chad (Mon, Jan 20, 2020)

Do you know adventurous people that love to share God’s love in word and deed? Think about Christians you know who love extreme sports, rural living, camping, cross-training, etc. WT is opening a new field in Chad and it will take called people willing to be stretched physically and spiritually. We have our first potential appointee – now we need a team to surround him! See this video or contact dan.friesen@worldteam.org.


Opportunity in Moldova (Mon, Dec 30, 2019)

Where is Moldova? This economically poor country tucked between Romania & Ukraine has 600+ unreached villages. WT is looking for people to encourage & equip Moldovan church leaders to reach them.

Learn more here.


Opportunity in Spain (Tue, Nov 26, 2019)

Did you know that Spain is still less than 0.5% evangelical? 6800 towns do not have an evangelical church. Watch this video to hear how World Team Spain is reaching out to people and consider how you might fit!

Read more here.


Opportunity in Cambodia (Wed, Nov 13, 2019)

Doctor, agriculturalist, teacher? A variety of workers are needed in Cambodia to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the Khmer, Vietnamese and Cham peoples. Click HERE for more information.


Opportunity in Brazil (Tue, Oct 1, 2019)

Out of the village and into the city! Church-planters are needed to reach out to Brazilian indigenous peoples who have migrated to the Amazonian city of Manaus. Click HERE to find out more.


Opportunity in Chad (Thu, June 6, 2019)

The newly established Chad field in Africa is looking for gifted language learners to come minister in evangelism, discipleship and leadership development using practical skills such as agriculture, medicine, renewable energy and education. For more info, contact dan.friesen@worldteam.org.


Opportunity in Peru (Sat, May 11, 2019)

Mandarin & Cantonese speakers are needed to reach the Chinese in Lima, Peru! Work alongside national believers in evangelism, discipleship, youth ministry, and coaching or mentoring. Contact jacob.ginter@worldteam.org for more information.

You can also click HERE for a Great Commission Kids issue about Peru (great to help teach kids about missions).


Opportunity in Cameroon (Mon, March 18, 2019)

Church planters are needed among the mostly Mslm Fulbe of Cameroon. People with practical skills (health lessons, agriculture, small business, women’s/children’s ministry) are needed as well as those gifted in evangelism and discipleship.

This is WT Cameroon’s highest priority need. Read more here.


Opportunity in the Philippines (Mon, Feb 18, 2019)

World Team Philippines is highlighting needs for workers right now. Follow the below links to learn more about opportunities in:


Opportunity in Trinidad and Tobago (Mon, Nov 26, 2018)

Trinidad and Tobago is home to over 60,000 Muslims and over 220,000 Hindus. We’re looking for new workers who can share their faith with love and respect along with passionate conviction.


World Team Haiti would like some help (Mon, Sept 17, 2018)

This is something that my friends in the States might be able to help with. WT Haiti would like some help (especially from younger tech-saavy people) knowing how to offer relevant mobilization information in an attractive way. Do you know someone who could assist them in this way? Contact sean.christensen@worldteam.org.


The Germany field is now open for new missionaries (Fri, Aug 31, 2018)

World Team is looking for people to do Evangelism & Discipleship, Networking, Church Planting, and Refugee Ministry in Germany. Click HERE for more info.


Looking for Oral Bible Story-ers in Cameroon (Tue, Aug 7, 2018)

Know a good communicator who loves to help people learn and share God’s Word? Oral Bible Story-ers are needed in Cameroon. Click HERE for a snapshot of what training  might look like. Contact stacey.hare@worldteam.org for more info.


Long-term opportunities in Italy (Mon, May 14, 2018)

Culturally Catholic, only 1.3% of Italians have found new life in Jesus Christ. World Team Italy would like to establish three new church planting teams to do evangelism, training, networking, and outreach to immigrants. Click for overview and more details or email info-europe@worldteam.org.


Interested in serving in Central Asia? (Wed, May 2, 2018)

World Team is looking for English teachers, professionals, and Business-as-Mission personnel for creative access ministries. Click HERE for more info.


Another opportunity to serve as church planters in Cameroon (Tue, April 17, 2018)

Church planters are needed among the Fulbe of Cameroon. People with practical skills (health lessons, agriculture, small business, women’s/children’s ministry) are needed as well as those gifted in evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training. Contact WT-Cameroon.fd@worldteam.org for more information.


Opportunity to serve as church planters in Cameroon (Wed, Mar 21, 2018)

World Team is committed to planting churches, but we see that Bible translation is a necessary part of that process. There is currently an opportunity in Cameroon for church planters to come alongside Bible translators working among the Nizaa people, an Islamic group that is resisting the Gospel. For more information: CLICK HERE.


Opportunities for Teachers (Wednesday, March 14, 2018)

World Team needs MK teachers and homeschool tutors in Haiti, Cameroon, Papua, Philippines, Cambodia, Moldova, Spain, and the Dominican Republic. Teachers not only impact MKs, but help keep families on the field, so they can reach the lost with the gospel!


Opportunity to serve in Cameroon (Sunday, January 28, 2018)

With increasing deforestation in Cameroon, the nomadic forest-dwelling Baka are being forced to find new ways to survive. Believers  are finally interested in developing ways to care for their families, but a community development worker would be a big help in their battle against poverty. For info, contact Nathan.Conrod@worldteam.org.


Opportunity to serve in France (Monday, January 8, 2018)

Want to serve on a multi-cultural team with a big vision? WT France’s vision is to have a church for every 10,000 people (instead of the current 1 church per 38,000 people). To learn more about the various roles and gifts needed on their teams, click here or contact Info-Europe@Worldteam.org.


Opportunity to Serve in Papua (Monday, May 22, 2017)

Papua is home to Hillcrest International School, assisting many missionaries to Indonesia in their educational needs. The last few years have seen an increased uncertainty related to upcoming staff, recruitment is down. WT currently supplies 2 teachers to the school and is committed to seeing it continue for the next generation. They are in dire need of more teachers, please check out the Hillcrest International School Website and watch this video to see needs.

Contact: Ed.Johnson@worldteam.org for more information or questions .


Opportunity for Churches to Help (Monday, October 10, 2016)

WT is excited about the Latin America initiative – we are partnering with FAM International, a fraternity of nine Spanish-speaking sending countries. 15 WT fields are interested. Three fields are already talking to a couple and 2 candidates in Central America about serving on our teams. We are asking God for like-minded churches in N.A. and Europe who will also join with us. Click here for more info or contact: chuck.sutton@worldteam.org.


Opportunity to Serve in Cambodia (Monday, Sept 26, 2016)

Western Cham in Cambodia are a UPG, WT has a small presence, but we need more people willing to reach these Muslims for Christ. This link has more info. to share & can be used on social media. Contact: Jeannie.Hartsfield@worldteam.org.  Pray; share!

Needs in Cameroon:

1. Teachers for the Rainforest International School
The Rainforest International School is a school in the capital (Yaoundé) where many of our friends’ kids attend. It is likely that when our kids get to highschool age they will attend RFIS as well. This is a great opportunity to help further the cause of missions. Missionaries care a lot about the education that their children receive.

Here are the teaching positions they are currently looking for:

  • English as a Second Language Specialist
  • Math – Middle School
  • Math – High School
  • Music – Choir, Lessons, or Instrumental
  • Science – Chemistry or Biology
  • Science – Middle School
  • Social Studies – Government or History

There are also non-teaching positions available. Check out more information: http://rfis.org/staffing-needs-20132014/

2. Dorm Parents
For those families that do not live in Yaoundé, there is a dorm available right next to RFIS. This allows the kids to stay and attend the school during the school year. One big need is for a couple that can stay at the dorm to run things and help disciple the kids. Right now we have a couple planning on leaving their village ministry to do this for a year, but starting in 2017 we have no one to run the dorm.

Check out the job description: https://us.worldteam.org/go/details/dorm-parent-in-cameroon

Do you know someone who would love to further missions by ministering to Cameroonian missionaries in this way? Send them the link: https://us.worldteam.org/go/details/teacher-administrator-in-cameroon

Check out all the opportunities at: https://us.worldteam.org/go/