Day #2: Pray for Great Relationships with our Bakoum Co-workers

Mary T. Lederleitner in her book Cross Cultural Partnerships says:

In order to work together well we need to listen to one another. We need to not only deeply grasp how our partners feel and what they believe but also take the additional step
to understand why such feelings and beliefs are wholly logical within a given context. If we can see the logic of a person’s worldview, if we can value it as being wholly reasonable given a unique cultural heritage and history, from that place of mutual respect and dignity we can find new and creative ways to overcome obstacles and work together(34).

Please pray that Dave and I would:
  • Listen well to our Bakoum co-workers and friends
  • Seek to understand their feelings, worldviews and opinions
  • Seek to understand the logic of their perspectives within their context
  • Honor our national partners as fellow image-bears of God and treat them with the dignity that is due
  • Overcome cultural obstacles in order to win the Bakoum to Christ and in order to move forward with translation and literacy
Pray that even though there are language, cultural, and spiritual barriers, the Lord would give  incredible unity and mutual love between us and our Bakoum co-workers.

Author: Stacey Hare

Stacey is a servant of Jesus Christ as well as a wife, mom, linguist, and Bible translator among the Kwakum people of Cameroon.