9 Days to get Richie to Cameroon-Help!

When people ask us how they can pray for us in our missions endeavors, our typical response is, “Pray that the Lord will raise up co-workers.”  Why is this so important to us?  The reason is because we are pioneering a new people group currently with just Dave and Stacey Hare and 4 young kiddos.  Not only do we want to live, home-school the kids, teach literacy, and translate the Bible, but we ALSO want to take the Bible to the streets and see it infiltrate the culture.  Put simply, this is way too much for just us to do!  Therefore, our dream is that we would translate the Scriptures and that others would take these translated portions and teach them to the people as we go.  And, it just so happens, that the Lord has worked in our friend Richie Rice this same dream!  The idea is that we would translate and he would distribute and teach the Word-Perfect!

Meet Richie

We originally met Richie in a weekly prayer meeting at Immanuel Baptist designed to pray for the advance of the Gospel overseas.  Later on we asked Richie if he would be in our “accountability group” that was created in order to encourage and support us in our endeavor to raise support so we could get to Cameroon.  Richie faithfully prayed for us throughout that year of support raising, he sat in front of a Christian bookstore trying to raise money, he stuffed many many letters, and much more!  He was such an incredible blessing to us.  Richie himself prayed that the Lord would provide co-workers for us, and in the meantime the Lord was working in him the desire to join us.  Praise the Lord! 

He has recently expressed to us that his heart’s desire is to “to see churches thriving in every people group of the world” and that he wants to be involved in this work on the front lines.  His dream specifically for Cameroon is to see “viable, indigenous, healthy, strong churches…that walk in holiness and take the gospel to the nations!”  Richie’s dreams sound a lot like Jesus’ dreams if you ask me!  We are beyond excited to be on a team with someone who has such holy ambitions.
Help Richie

Last year Richie was evaluated and accepted by our mission agency, World Team, and now his next step is to visit Cameroon.  The objective of this vision trip is that he be evaluated by the missionaries on the field and the field director.  Another purpose is so that he can determine if Cameroon is a good fit for him.  Vision trips such as this one are highly encouraged by World Team and our vision trip was the necessary impetus that motivated us to raise support and get back to the field as soon as possible.  Every since we left Cameroon we have been discontent to be anywhere but in Cameroon!

And yet, Richie is facing a minor obstacle, which is why we are writing this blog-to see if any of you can help him overcome it!  He is lacking the funding for this trip and needs to have it by June 5th (9 days away!).  The bottom line is that he needs to raise $2,800 in 9 days…can you help?  If so, please make a donation here and designate it as “Richie Rice Vision Trip.”

We know this is a self-serving plea on our behalf.  We like Richie, we trust Richie and we want to serve with Richie so, if you are able, please make donations so he can get to Cameroon and serve alongside us!
Thank you!

Author: David M. Hare

Dave is a husband, father of four Africans, and is currently helping the Kwakum people do Oral Bible Storying and Bible translation in Cameroon, Africa.