Our Final Budget was Finalized…Finally!

Good news! Over the last several months we (and our great agency: World Team) have been working to finalize our budget. In seeking to be faithful with the resources that God is providing through our supporters we have spent many an hour pouring over the options. We have finally come down on a monthly budget that is slightly higher than before ($5,933/mo. instead of $5,715/mo.) and a Start-Up budget that is substantially lower than originally estimated ($113k instead of $159k). Praise the Lord we have less to raise and hopefully we can do it faster! Our goal is still to have our monthly budget pledged and our start-up budget raised by December 1st so that we can start training in January. Please pray with us that the Lord would provide in abundance and please give if you are able. Specifics about our budget can be seen on the document linked below.


Author: David M. Hare

Dave is a husband, father of four Africans, and is currently helping the Kwakum people do Oral Bible Storying and Bible translation in Cameroon, Africa.