FAQ: Are You Going to Live Like the People?

Yes and No.

Yes, we intend to live like the people in that we will not be exporting our American standard of living including air conditioning and carpeted floors into a little Cameroonian village that consists of mud huts and no electricity. Our desire is to blend in as much as possible. We do not want to be a target for theft nor do we want to entice the people to covet or think if they follow Christ they’ll become wealthy. Yet, the answer is also…

No. We will not live like the people insomuch as their standard of living hinders our ministry and compromises our health. For instance, mosquito nets are not commonly used in Cameroon, nor is bug spray. But we want to stay alive so we can translate for the people therefore we will use mosquito nets and bug spray even if that is considered “wealthy living” by Cameroonian standards. Another example is that we intend on setting up solar panels because we need our computers for translation and also lights will give us extended time to work. At first glance it may look like we’re bringing in an American standard of living, but the motive behind solar energy is for the betterment of the Cameroonians.

With each decision as to what to purchase we will be using the grid of “will this serve the Cameroonians by giving us the tools necessary to translation for them?” We pray the Lord would give us much wisdom in this area.