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If you have read our most recent newsletter, you know that our kids are now attending a school in the capital, Yaounde, called Rainforest International School (RFIS). I cannot tell you how much of a blessing RFIS has already been to us, just over the last couple of months. Our kids are loving it, and it has freed us up to invest more time into the translation work and into the lives of the Kwakum people.

Due to a COVID and other reasons, RFIS is struggling and needs your help. Without this school, Christian missions in Cameroon would be hampered (and some of it would cease altogether), but with your help I am confident that RFIS will be able to continue to serve the missionary community. Here are some specific ways in which you can help RFIS:

  • Donations
  • Teachers
  • A new director
  • Volunteer efforts
  • Prayer


Right now the school is in need of donations. This will help maintain the grounds, provide scholarships for students, and pay teachers and staff. You can donate to RFIS through this link: https://give.sil.org/RFIS-Cameroon.

There is also a teacher named Bryan Smith who has worked with RFIS in the past, and would like to continue teaching at RFIS. However, he is in need of support before he can return to Cameroon with his family. Check out their support page here: The Wycliffe Ministry of Bryan and Rachel Smith.


There is a large number of teachers and administrators that are either retiring, or going on home assignment this coming summer. This means that there is a strong need for new teachers, both next year and ongoing. Are you a teacher or administrator or gifted in finances, art, sports, or music? Do you have a heart for missions and education? Click HERE and/or go to https://rfis.org/work-with-us/ to read more about the positions available.

NOTE: It is important to note that the school does not provide a salary. So, coming to work as a teacher at RFIS would be missionary work, complete with support raising. If that sounds intimidating, don’t be scared. You will be helped along the way. And support raising is not as bad as it seems (check out this BLOG post for encouragement). This applies for teachers and the director position.

A new director

The current director of RFIS is awesome, and we wish that she could stay forever. However, she will be leaving this coming summer as well. So, RFIS is actively seeking a Christian school director with excellent interpersonal, organizational, and leadership skills in addition to extensive cross-cultural understanding to lead a multicultural staff and student body on a beautiful, large, tranquil campus. The ideal candidate will have an international mindset, and with the collaboration and support of a very experienced staff, will have the freedom to lead the school and expand its scope in a cross-cultural community. Ideal start date is late May 2024 to prepare for August 2024 school start. For more information, see THIS DOCUMENT, and/or email Dan Friesen at Dan.Friesen@worldteam.org.

Volunteer efforts

There are a few ways that you can help RFIS, without even leaving your home.

Grant Writing. If there is anyone out there who has experience writing for grants, RFIS could use your help. We have found that there are a lot of grants available for international schools and other non-profit organizations. However, we don’t have the experience or the time to invest in writing to receive them. If this is something that you can help with, or even just want to find more about, please email the director (Anna Irby) at rfis-director@rfis.org.

Print and Share. There are a couple of documents that you could print and share with others.

  • If you have a friend who is a teacher, who might want to be a teacher, or might be interested in coming to Cameroon to serve RFIS in any way, please print and share THIS FLYER with them. Feel free to print a bunch of these and just leave them on a table at your church!
  • If you have a friend who might make a good school director, please print THIS MINISTRY DESCRIPTION, and give it to them.
  • THIS DOCUMENT is a tri-fold brochure about the school. Print this up and put it at your church, or include it when you talk to friends about becoming teachers/the director. Give it to people at your church and ask them to pray.

Website Design. If you are website savy, the RFIS website (rfis.org) could definitely use some help. Email Anna Irby at rfis-director@rfis.org to volunteer.

Follow, Subscribe, and Share. RFIS currently is growing its social media presence. Would you help with that? Click on the links below to follow and subscribe. But also please share these links, or this blog, with all of your friends.


I believe that God wants RFIS to continue serving the missionary community for years to come. But I believe that his vision goes beyond that. We already have a significant number of Cameroonian staff and students. We are hoping to recruit more Cameroonians in the future as well. RFIS stands out as a shining light, teaching the kids about Christ and preparing them to serve all around the world. Here are some ways to be praying for the school:

  • Pray for the current student body. Pray that they would not neglect the great education that they are receiving, nor the God who so generously gives it to them. Pray that they would work diligently. Pray that the students who are Christians would grow in their faith, and in their boldness to proclaim the Gospel.
  • Pray for the teachers and administration. While school is going well, most teachers and administrators are busy and currently wearing multiple hats. Pray that they would be able to stay on top of their work and invest the time they want to in our kids.
  • Pray for the future. RFIS can benefit from: more students, more teachers, and a great director. Please pray specifically that the Lord would provide for these three needs. Pray not just that the positions would be filled, but that the Lord would send godly, servant-hearted missionaries.
  • Pray for the lost. There are many students at RFIS who have not accepted Christ as their Savior, not to mention in the surrounding community. Pray that RFIS would continue to be a faithful witness in Yaounde and to the nations.

Author: David M. Hare

Dave is a husband, father of four Africans, and is currently helping the Kwakum people do Oral Bible Storying and Bible translation in Cameroon, Africa.

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