[VIDEO] Can We Come to Your VBS?

We have the exciting opportunity to participate in VBS at Grace Church Frisco this summer. How? Well, they are doing VBS completely virtually, online. They are using the curriculum Incredible Race by Answers in Genesis. The main theme throughout is the story of the tower of Babel, which works pretty well with our jobs as Bible translators. So we recorded five short videos talking about ministry here and relating it to the Babel story.

I was thinking, if Grace Church Frisco is doing VBS this year, maybe other churches are too. And maybe even if churches are not able to do VBS, perhaps parents would want to do something at home for their kids. So, we are making these videos available online.

If you are doing VBS, AND using the same theme, then this should mix in pretty well with your program. If you are using another program/making one up, I think these can still work. However, you will need to add a bit of information each day so that they make sense. So, I will include the videos below with a brief description of what should be talked about with the video. I hope this is a blessing!

Day 1: Before Babel

For this day, you can talk about various passages from Genesis 1-10. It is good to help the kids get a feel for life before Babel. The main focus in the curriculum (but not in our video) is that no one anywhere has “run a perfect race” and the memory verse for this day is Romans 3:23. We just talk in the video a little about how life is different in Cameroon than in America.

Day 2: At Babel

For this day it is important to talk about the story of Babel in Genesis 11:1-9, with the memory verse being Genesis 11:9. In the video I talk about how many languages there are and how that makes it impossible to know God unless you have a Bible you can understand.

Day 3: After Babel

For this day you can read Genesis 10, Psalm 139, Acts 17:26 with Acts 17:26 as the memory verse. In the video Stacey discusses how even though there are many different languages and cultures that have resulted from Babel, when people become Christians we are still in the same family. Stacey sits with four newly baptized young women and talks a bit about their testimonies.

Day 4: Babel and the Gospel

For this day you can read Revelation 7:9–10 and talk about how there will be people from all nations, tribes, peoples, and languages worshipping Jesus one day. The memory verse is 1 John 4:14. In the video I talk with Koo, a new believer and he gives advice to young people to accept Christ while they are still young.

Day 5: Babel and Today

For this day you can read the story of The Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25–37. The memory verse is 1 John 4:11. In the video we discuss the fact that God chose not only that he would save people from all over the world, but he also chose HOW to save them. God’s method is to have Christians tell others about Christ.

A Song (just for fun)

Here is a song that our Bible translators recently wrote in Kwakum. It is easy to learn. The words: “Humble yourselves and the Lord will lift you up” (from James 4:10).

If for some reason you would rather download the videos than to use YouTube, you can download them with the following links:


Author: David M. Hare

Dave is a husband, father of four Africans, and is currently helping the Kwakum people do Oral Bible Storying and Bible translation in Cameroon, Africa.