Quirky Happenings in the Hare Home

  • When you ask Zoey what her name is, she says, “Elias.”
  • When you ask Elias what his name is, he says, “Zoey.”
  • When we had a not-so-tall repair man come to our house the other day, Kaden kept referring to him as “The Liittle Man.”   “Mom, why is the little man here?”  “Where’d the little man go?” (yiiiiikes!)
  • Zoey regularly puts her dinner on her face and talks on it like it’s a phone.
  • Kaden is abnormally observant.  The other day, while he was in another room, I took my wedding ring off to do Kyra’s hair and the next time he saw me, he immediately asked, “Why is your ring off?” (What two year old boy notices his mom’s wedding ring?)
  • Zoey is  always trying to put on Kaden and Kyra’s underwear.
  • Elias is absolutely the most clumsy child we have ever observed.  If there is a wall around, his head will find it.  He has a black eye right now and we still don’t know exactly how that happened.  On the way in to church the other day, Elias tripped (while holding Dave’s hand!) and fell head-first on the cement – we had to dust cement off of his forehead.
  • Kaden always wants to be wearing shoes.  His first question in the morning is “Mommy – shoes on?!”  If we tell him, “No,” he will often make a confident face and say “Later” (seemingly trying to give his crushed soul some hope).
  • The other day Elias was fussing, and I told him “Elias, stop your fussing” and then Makyra looks at him and said, “Man-up Elias” (no idea where she learned that one 😉  )
  • Kaden calls our neighborhood llama  “Llama-face.”
  • Kaden makes it know that he likes the llama and the goats, but not the chickens.
  • Makyra likes the chickens.
  • The boys like to steal Makyra’s nightcap model it around the house…and this makes their sister upset because it is her nightcap after all.
  • The girls love to be thrown up in the air, but Kaden (our 50 pound son) will have nothing to do with it.  He hangs really limp and says “All done, all done.”
  • Elias wants to know where Zoey is at all times.  Even when I take him to his room to change his diaper he asks, “Where’d Zoey go?” every couple seconds.
  • They all want to be in the same place at the same time.  We took them to a play-place in the mall the other day, and all of them happily played piled up on top of one another on the same toy when there was a whole playground to run around in.
  • Makyra has become one of the most affirming children in the history of man.  After and in between everything you say she’ll say “yeah mom, yeah.”   She will also look you in the eye and nod her head all the way through any Bible reading and/or instruction.
  • Kaden always asks to go on a date with us to which we recently replied, “If you come, it’s not a date.”
  • Whenever I ask Kaden if slept well the previous night, he usually says, “No, I missed Mommy and Daddy.”
  • If you just mention the vacuum cleaner, Zoey will run to her room, sit on her bed, hug her teddy, and say “no, no, no” while she repeatedly kisses her teddy bear.
  • Whenever we check to see if the little kids need a diaper change they automatically say “Oh my” when we look in their diapers (guess they’ve heard that a few times…).
Never a dull moment!

Author: Stacey Hare

Stacey is a servant of Jesus Christ as well as a wife, mom, linguist, and Bible translator. Right now she is working creating literacy materials so the Kwakum people can learn to read and write in their language. She is also working on translating Old Testament stories into Kwakum with her husband and local Kwakum colleagues.