General Update on the Hare Family

Always a party in the Hare home—a toddler party that is. Although we have a three bedroom apartment we consistently find our kids always seeking to occupy the exact same space. The love it be piled on top of one another—it is perplexing to us. On top of that, they tickle one another, steal one another’s toys (unfortunately), dance together, and sometimes just laugh in one another’s faces. Like I said…always a party. Here’s a general update on how each member of our family is doing…Makyra is growing up! We are trying to learn how to do her hair and she has also entered the world of potty training. She’s about 85% potty trained and we are very excited to move on pass this diapers stage soon (one down, three to go!) She likes to be in charge and consistently tells everyone what to do (including insects) so we are constantly teaching her that God has not given her authority over anyone (although we gladly let her boss around the bugs). Makyra is by far our most strong-willed child. We pray God will soften her heart to his Word!

Kaden is also growing up. As you can see, he is learning to dress himself. Although he pleads with me daily to potty train him, I told him we will not start the process until his sister is potty trained (I’ve got him right where I want him 😉 )Kaden is such a delight to our hearts. He is quick to obey, eager to learn, and is seemingly soft-hearted towards things of God. He walks around the house wiping the babies runny noses with a tissue and is also very eager to tidy up. He recently starting to speak in sentences which makes it exciting to hear what goes on in that mind of his.

Zoey is a cartoon character. She laughs like a cartoon character. She cries like a fake baby doll you would find in a toy store. She is Ms. Personality. She started walking around her 1st birthday in July and has also started using a couple of words. She calls me (Stacey) “Bobby” instead of mommy which we think is pretty hilarious. The other kids often call me “Bobby” now too. She is absolutely a doll and we love her to death.

Elias has also started walking and is talking quite a bit for his age. We think he is pretty intelligent. He knows some signs that we never taught him (we’re assuming he picked them up from his older brother and sister), he seems to comprehend whatever we say to him, and his vocabulary far surpasses where our other children were at his age. He is very affectionate and is our only child that is content playing by himself.

How are we doing? Well, we both had birthdays these past couple months and had the joy of having Stacey’s parents in town and were also able to go away for a couple days to Cincinnati. So that was wonderful. We are quite busy with support raising, traveling to different states, preparing for upcoming fundraisers, etc. But we are doing well!


Author: David M. Hare

Dave is a husband, father of four Africans, and is currently helping the Kwakum people do Oral Bible Storying and Bible translation in Cameroon, Africa.