Elias and Zoey are now American Citizens!

On Monday of this past week, we completed the process of “Re-Adoption” in order to change Zoey and Elias’ status from Permanent Residents to US Citizens. The judge was so excited to have a “happy case” that she even took a picture with us. And their names have officially been changed from Spain and Tarkie to Zoey and Elias. Hooray!

This just reminded us how grateful we are to have these two be a part of our family. Yes, life is more complicated, more expensive, and there are double the diapers, but all that stuff is so small compared to how much we love these two and how much we enjoy being their parents. Elias is now walking all over the house and Zoey took a couple steps toward Dave yesterday. Their little personalities are coming out more and more each day. Zoey is a ninja baby. She is incredibly strong – she gets up on our couches and jumps up and down, the other day she practically scaled the walls of her pack-n-play in order to escape, she somehow destroyed her bumper pads that were in her crib, and has no problem pinning her brother to the ground. And she’s only 18 pounds! Elias, on the other hand, is the only one of our children who is perfectly content playing by himself. We’ll often find him in a room somewhere just playing quietly with his toys. He is more low-key, sweet, and is also very affectionate towards his parents.
We thank the Lord for these wonderful gifts he has given us!


Author: Stacey Hare

Stacey is a servant of Jesus Christ as well as a wife, mom, linguist, and Bible translator among the Kwakum people of Cameroon.