A Very Muddy Update

After almost 4 months of no rain, we finally had our first major rainstorm, complete with small hail and all! Since I have some great photos of us playing in the rain, I figured it would be a great time to give you an update about the family.Kaden

Kaden is a joy in our lives. He is our most considerate and sensitive child. He loves to go out and play in the rain, though it really does not like to be dirty. For his 7th birthday, Kaden received his first personal Bible. We have started to do a study with him and he is very interested.

Pray for Kaden: Kaden has been having trouble learning to read. We have talked with several people who have dealt with learning problems and he seems to be exhibiting some symptoms of dyslexia. We are planning on having him tested when a professional comes to Cameroon in April. Please pray that we would figure out how to best help him.


Makyra is a smart, fun kid. She loves to draw and has been showing some real talent. She is interested in homeschool and loves Bonnie (our tutor) and tries to imitate her in pretty much every way possible.

Pray for Makyra: Please pray that Makyra would follow her mom and Bonnie and become a godly young woman. Even though she is young, we already see in her a love of the praise of men. We want so much for her not to find her value in what others think of her, but in her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


As we have mentioned in past communications, Elias has been our most difficult child. And we have many times asked for prayer both for him and for us. And I am so happy to say that he has been such a delight the last few weeks. He is by and far our most polite child, and his obedience has made raising him so much more fun

Pray for Elias: While we are so thankful for his behavior change recently, we still long to see heart change. Pray that Elias would repent of his sin and trust in Jesus.


We are so thankful that the medical drama with Zoey is over. She has returned to her normal energetic self. In contrast to Kaden, she LOVES to get dirty and to help others get dirty. Zoey has the energy of three children and is bright and excited about everything (especially cute things).

Pray for Zoey: Once again, thank God for preserving her life. Please pray that she would love others and seek to be a servant. Pray that all of her energies would be used for God’s kingdom.

I have been wanting to update you on Rachat, the adopted dog that helps us share the Gospel. You can read his adoption story HERE. Rachat has since become a much healthier dog. He is very active and fun. I was just told today that he is a very good hunter. Apparently, when he is not in our yard he is out hunting porcupines, bush birds, and rats. We are not able to give him a ton of meat, but it seems he has figured out a way to supplement his ration.

You probably do not need to pray for Rachat, but if you decide to, pray that he would stick around a long time. We are fond of him, and he is a great guard dog.

Dave and Stacey

We are studying! It seems like we have always been studying. Right now we are learning Bakoum and starting to work on analysing it as well. Bakoum is not like French or English and we do not have a lot of helps. So, most of the work is just out in the village or with our language partner. We are thankful to be doing it, and enjoy the overall process, but sometimes get bogged down in the day-to-day.

Pray for Dave and Stacey: Please pray for endurance. Pray that we would continue to work hard and “not grow weary in doing good.” Pray that we would love our neighbors and “endure all things for the elect.”


We have been so thankful to welcome Bonnie Marcum into our family for the last 7 months. She has been patiently teaching our kids every day, preparing lessons, engaging with them, and having fun. She also helps with cleaning and dishes and cooks from time to time. We are so glad to have another godly young woman in the house for our kids to look up to. Sadly, she will be leaving to go back to the States in May. But we will continue to thank God for her even after she is gone.

Pray for Bonnie: Pray that Bonnie would finish well. She still has 3 months of homeschool, which is hard work. Pray that our kids would love her and consider her more important than themselves. And most of all, thank God for Bonnie and all of the help that she has been to us and our mission.


Author: David M. Hare

Dave is a husband, father of four Africans, and is currently helping the Kwakum people do Oral Bible Storying and Bible translation in Cameroon, Africa.